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Junior College Division

Department of Japanese Language

To Understand Correct Japanese, to Become a Speaker of Beautiful Japanese.

Department of Japanese LanguageModern society, with its high level of computerization, requires a comprehensive competence in language.
The Department of Japanese Language focuses on reading, writing, listening to, and speaking Japanese, and developing students with a deep understanding of the background to the Japanese language, and able to use Japanese in a superior and sophisticated manner.

Department of Careers in English Communication

The Emotional Experience of Study in America, and Internship in Companies in Japan and the US. - You, in front, leading the way -

Study in America for all students in the Department of Careers in English Communication. Submersion in English, surrounded by native speakers on a daily basis brings a dramatic improvement in English skills.

Internship in companies in Japan and the US both before and after overseas study assists the student in determining a career path.

Department of English Communication

Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute

At the culmination of a comprehensive curriculum is a woman with the knowledge and English abilities to operate comfortably in the globalized world of today.

Department of Early Childhood Education

Nurturing Kindergarten Teachers and Childcare Workers with an Abundant Sensitivity and Humanity.

The Department of Early Childhood Education is dedicated to the development of well-qualified kindergarten teachers and childcare workers with the ability to be sensitive and creative. Today's employment situation is driving demand for female educators in kindergartens and nurseries.

Department of Human Relations

Focus on the Study of Psychology at Junior College Level for a Bright Future.

The curriculum was revised around the study of psychology in 2011. One of the few junior college departments offering psychology.
Study psychology, social welfare and recreation through the themes of 'find yourself', 'build and support a household', 'energize yourself through society', and 'participate in society'.

Department of Health and Sports

Developing Highly-qualified Sports Instructors in the Regions, and in Business.

Department of Health and SportsHealth and Sports Science develops personnel with the necessary knowledge, as well as a high level of qualifications in methods of instruction.
Focusing on the sports instructors required in the regions and in business, and in society in general, in response to the increasing interest in maintaining and improving personal health.

Department of Dietary Life and Food Sciences

A Focus on Developing Practical Dieticians with a Comprehensive View of Food and Health.

Food is the basis of health and a healthy daily lifestyle. The Department of Dietary Life and Food Sciences is engaged in training dieticians with the practical abilities to build healthy lifestyles through a focus on dietary life from an overall point of view covering food culture and the food environment, and a correct understanding of health in scientific terms.

Department of Fashion and Living Design

Developing the Sensitivity and Practical Ability to Create the Living Environment, and Realize Dreams.

Department of Fashion and Living DesignThe Department of Fashion and Living Design focuses on the study of clothing and living space, the two most immediate aspects of our daily lives. Each program studies the basic creation of 'things' in the clothing and living space, and through the medium of specialized learning, polishes and refines the individual's creativity and sensitivity.

Department of General Education

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