Student Exchange Program

The Program (Overview)

The Student Exchange Program (SEP) invites selected female students from partner institutions to join the program. The SEP is designed to provide students with a well-rounded knowledge of not only the language, but also Japanese culture and society as a whole. In addition, students can take some regular university courses so they can enhance their major and share experience with MWU students in the class. In order to achieve this purpose, the curriculum consists of three parts: Japanese language, Japanese culture & affairs and regular university courses. Exchange students can take some regular university courses, taught in Japanese, subject to their Japanese proficiency and teachers’ approval.
Exchange students can apply to study in the SEP through their home institution. They are granted academic credits based on the system applicable to regular MWU students. Exchange students are free to use the same facilities of MWU as regular students.

Admission Requirements

Exchange students must be matriculated students of a partner institution of Mukogawa Women’s University. All student applications must be endorsed by the home institution. It is recommended that students have appropriate Japanese language ability. We will, however, give as much respect as possible to the partner institution's selection.


(1) Japanese Language
The aim is to develop the four skills in the student’s command of Japanese language through intensive language study. This course is offered 8 times a week for the Spring and Fall semesters.
(2)Japanese Culture & Affairs
The Japanese culture & affairs offers lectures on various aspects of Japanese culture and society to deepen students’ understanding of Japan. The courses are taught in English and offered two or three times a week for the Spring and Fall semesters. These courses are also open to regular MWU students.
(3) Selected Regular University Courses
Most regular courses are offered once a week for the Spring and Fall semesters. Almost all regular university classes are taught in Japanese. After consulting with an academic advisor, students may take some courses.

Medical Insurance

We do not have university insurance. Exchange students are required to obtain insurance coverage for the time spent at MWU, particularly health and accident insurance. Or it is possible to have Japanese Government insurance with paying premium monthly


Exchange students will stay in a North building at University dormitory. Each room accommodates two students. In principle, exchange students will share a room with a Japanese student. It is a valuable experience for foreign students to live with Japanese students. It will provide students not only with an environment to develop their Japanese language skills, but also with many opportunities to understand the customs and ways of thinking of young Japanese people. Students are expected observe dormitory rules for a successful dorm experience.
Dormitory will be closed in all August and March and, 2 weeks in the winter break. Students can travel or stay at other places that MWU can arrange if you need. But you had better to prepare enough money to stay outside of the dorm.
From the second semester, if you need your own privacy, you can move South Building in the dormitory which has the single rooms.


Students are exempt from paying tuition for SEP under an agreement between their home university and MWU. Dormitory fees and living expenses such as the cost of clothing, lunches, textbooks, telephone and transportation are to be paid by the students.
The North dormitory room fee is ¥30,000 per month and two meals (breakfast and dinner) cost ¥1,050 per day. Meals are served every day.
The South dormitory single room costs ¥45,000 and you will pay your own utility.

Scholarship Opportunities

SHUMAP (Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific) offers a scholarship for exchange students who attend a HUMAP-affiliated university in their home country. This HUMAP scholarship is for students who study in Japan for between six months and one year. Another scholarship from JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) is for students who study for a period of between three months and one year. Both of these scholarships include a monthly stipend of ¥80,000. However, only a limited number of scholarships can be granted. If students cannot receive either, they will be provided with a Mukogawa, monthly ¥65,000

Campus life

MWU is located in Nishinomiya, which is known as a lively but quiet city of education and culture between the two big cities, Osaka and Kobe. The institution has easy access from both the Osaka International Airport (30 minutes) and the Kansai International Airport (50 minutes), respectively. Mt. Rokko lies to the north and Osaka Bay to the south. The Mukogawa River is just east of the campus. The region enjoys a moderate climate with four distinct seasons. MWU’s campus is composed of 124 acres with many russet-colored buildings, such as the Multi-Media Building which houses 1,300 personal computers, as well as a library, auditorium, and gymnasium.

Application Form

August 29 Updated

Application Deadline 2019 Spring term:October 31, 2018
2019 Fall term:April 30, 2019
  Offering Content Download
  Documents to be submitted by applicant
1 Application form
2 Certificate of Japanese Proficiency
3 Official transcript
4 Recommendation Form
5 Medical Examination Report
6 Certificate Of Bank Balance
7 Letter of reason for study
8 Photo
9 Photo-copy of Passport
10 Application for Certificate of Eligibility
11 Application for MWU Scholarship
12 Guide for International Dormitory Life and Consent of Rules & Promise for life in the Dormitory

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