Educational ideal

High intelligence, noble sentiments, lofty virtues. These are the aims of a well-rounded education at Mukogawa Women's University.

True intelligence to continuously pursue truth

To be active as leading members in society, we are required to possess intelligence. What is intelligence? It could be called the spirit of loving truth. Seek a task, think of it, and create a new opinion by yourself. We educate women to possess self-reliant attitudes and positive outlooks towards learning and seeking wisdom, and to develop the ability to think in order to continuously pursue the truth.

Sensitive and broad minded

To sense beauty when seeing flowers; to appreciate and be impressed by works of art: it is important to have great sensitivity in our modern society, which is fraught with tension. A graceful mind that loves beauty and gives pleasure and serenity to the human soul enriches our lives. Our university declares an educational policy to nurture "women to have great sensitivity and broadmindedness" and carries out education that emphasizes this ideal.

Spirit of consideration of and dedication to others

You are one member of society, as are other people. To maintain good human relations in any social group, it is important to consider not only yourself but also others and to have a sense of philanthropy. We educate women to be able to distinguish right from wrong, to have good morals, and to be able to consider things from other people's points of view.

Motivation behind the founding of the university

Education at Mukogawa Gakuin is aimed at nurturing women to develop a combination of high intelligence, noble sentiment, and lofty virtues, and to become constructive members of a peaceful nation and society, in accordance with the ideals upon which our nation was founded. In particular, considering the characteristics of a women's general school, we should hold the policy of integrated education, respect the admirable traditional customs of Japanese women, and promote awareness of the role of women in Japanese society. With such consciousnesses, Mukogawa Gakuin strives for a culture that fosters respect for individuality and the education of women capable of contributing to the founding of a new Japan, and we will do our best to fulfill this role.