School of MusicApplied Music

Department Objective

The Department of Applied Music offers specialized courses in musical applications such as Music Therapy and Arts Management, in which the inherent power of music in society is explored to enable students to become music therapists.

Programs are focused on training students in a wide range of music genres, the application of music in specific fields, such as medicine, human welfare, environment, and education based on music science. We provide students with an opportunity to identify and create the “music required in each scenario by recognizing current issues and proposing solutions based on music”.

Three Features of the Department

We pursue the acquisition of basic knowledge of music and performance skills required in actual performances as it is relates to a wide-range of music genres. As practical subjects, we teach voice, piano, and the general techniques of musical instruments, providing additional training in piano and voice in 45-minute individual lessons conducted weekly.

When considering future career paths, students opt for seminars related to Music Therapy or Musical Application in the third year. In addition to pursuing and deepening their research acumen through seminars, students engage in a practical study of specialized content through practicums in Music Therapy in the first year. In the third and fourth years, fullscale music therapy sessions are conducted for clients.

Professionals in music include music therapists, management coordinators of cultural programs, and teachers. There are also general settings wherein specialized knowledge and skills in music can be utilized. Internships and work experiences are independently provided by the School of Music, in addition to those provided by the Career Center, to strengthen the support given to students in finding employment.

Academics & Research