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Department of Education, which used to belong to School of Letters, becomes one and the only department of a newly established school in 2019, School of Education. Students are divided into the following four courses at the beginning of their second year on their requests: primary education, primary and secondary education, early childhood and care, and international education.

Department Objective

Our department aims to prepare students for teaching profession in primary schools, secondary schools, schools for students with special needs, kindergartens, and nursery schools. Teachers are expected to cope with the challenges of a knowledge-based and global society where values and lifestyles are constantly changing. In order to respond to the situation that faces teaching profession, we seek to cultivate competency in thinking, judgment, communication, and problem solving, in addition to teaching pedagogical knowledge and skills. Students are expected to be actively involved in educational activities not only in schools in Japan but also in international opportunities, as professional women with thoughtful integrity and genuine intelligence, as well as a spirit of consideration and helping others.

Three Features of the Department

Opportunities for Qualifications in a Variety of Educational Contexts
Over a four-year period, students are able to obtain multiple licenses and qualifications for work as an elementary school teacher, special needs school teacher, kindergarten teacher and nursery school teacher.
International Educational Opportunities
In order to prepare students for teaching profession from an international perspective, we offer aspiring students a semester-long program of overseas study during the second semester of the second year at the Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute(MFWI), our university's branch campus in the United States. We also conduct an oversea study trip during the summer break(15 days for both college and junior-college students)with the cooperation of a partner university(St. Martin's University)in the United States.
Volunteering Opportunities
Within the regular curriculum, students develop practical teaching skills in education and early childhood education. Our department actively provides students with opportunities to work as volunteers at primary schools, kindergartens, special needs schools, nursery schools and all other types of institutions. This is arranged through partnerships with the neighborhood schools and board of education in order to give students a broad perspective and enrich their practical experiences.

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