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Department Objective

In recent years, the Japanese government has set forth a national policy of training personnel capable of playing active roles in international society. The background to this is the reality that to keep in step with the progress of globalization, activities in every area, such as economics, culture, and tourism, must rapidly expand beyond national borders. In such a situation, demand is increasing for students to be equipped with English skills and the ability to understand other cultures—in other words, students equipped with a global mindset and prepared for international careers.

In order to address the challenges of an ever-globalizing world, our department offers English education and academic training, together with our university's United States branch campus, Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute(MFWI), that challenges students to increase their English skills, and strengthens cross-cultural communication abilities. Our aim is to cultivate a sense of independence and cooperation in students, through their living and studying overseas.

Three Features of the Department

Global Education Through a Japan-US Campus Partnership
Our department provides a global education in partnership with our US branch campus, MFWI. The regular program includes compulsory overseas study at MFWI. Students study abroad in the second year, from February to May, and may continue their studies at MFWI from September of the same year in the “extension program.” Overseas study at MFWI strengthens students'comprehensive English skills and their understanding of other cultures, as well as increases their sense of independence and cooperation.
Advanced Course in English(ACE)
This course focuses on students who have an English proficiency of TOEIC 600(minimum required score)or higher. The majority of classes are conducted in English. The number of students in each class is limited to 20 or less, which leads to a very productive learning atmosphere. If they meet all requirements, students may join the ACE program in the second or third year. In the third year of study, ACE students join the department's “international Liberal Studies” track.
Track-oriented, Specialized Education
Within the department, there are four tracks for specialized study, a system unique to our department. Students enter one of the four tracks below for the third and fourth years, where they will heighten their academic knowledge and acquire specialized English skills, while cultivating an international ability to relate to people on a global level.
  • Track 1:Culture & Literature
  • Track 2:Language & Linguistics
  • Track 3:Business & Communication
  • Track 4:International Liberal Studies(for ACE students)

Academics & Research