School of Health and Sports SciencesHealth and Sports Sciences

Department Objective

The MWU Department of Health and Sports Sciences aims to train students to be highly qualified teachers in health education and physical education, and excellent health/fitness instructors for fitness centers and corporate fitness and school programs, through our highly systematic curriculum and cutting-edge facilities.

The mission of our department is to have a positive impact on citizens and community and regional institutions through teaching, researching, and service pertaining to healthy lifestyles, disease prevention, lifetime physical activity, and/or sports participation.

The first year of the undergraduate program contains prerequisite classes that prepare students in health physical education, and sports science. In the second year, the curricula offered in the program foster understanding in three areas: 1) Sports Education, 2) Sports Science, and 3)Sports Management.

Three Features of the Department

A Substantial Curriculum
Students study basic theories and skills in health and exercise by acquiring teaching skills in a practical format. Students will also develop their abilities through health and sports, practical workshops, and educational practice in the pursuit of becoming qualified sports instructors.
Modern Facilities and Cutting-edge Equipment in Sports Science
We maintain an environment of experimentation to pursue the latest sports science, such as sports psychology, exercise physiology, and biomechanics. Classes are held with the most advanced technology tools available in the conditioning and training rooms. The Mukogawa Women's Sports Club facilities are open to students for conducting their research and practice with people in the surrounding communities.
The Outdoor Practical Program
In the outdoor practical program, we offer practicums in camping, marine sports, and snow sports that help students gain the necessary skills to be an instructor in these areas. In the Health and Sports Research Overseas program students can interact with local students and researchers at overseas training sites, including visits to and observations of sports facilities and universities in order to gain a broader perspective on research trends within the health and sports disciplines. In each of our programs, we are committed to developing professionals who will impact the health and wellness of children, adolescents, and adults. We are proud of our students, faculty, and staff who come together to meet the health and sports challenges of our future.

Academics & Research