School of Human Environmental SciencesHuman Environmental Sciences

Department Objective

The term “Human Environment” refers to the objects and situations that surround our lives. This program specializes in clothing, various lifestyle goods, and commercial and residential design extending outward to architecture, towns, and cities. With this focus of study, students acquire a good balance of knowledge and skills in evaluation, planning, creation, expression, editing, and coordination through an approach based in the sciences, arts, and architectural systems.

Moreover, our aim is to equip students with a foundation that encompasses a comprehensive perspective of the consumer's standpoint—that being the abstract and tangible dimensions of the human environment, from clothing to dwellings. Students will develop the ability to assess what is truly necessary for a comfortable and healthy human environment and be able to select and utilize the best available resources.

Six Features of the Department

Clothing Science Course
Students acquire skills in choosing and dealing with clothing qualities. Many kinds of experimentations are done through the curriculum which enables students to gain a wide range of knowledge related to clothing from fibers, dyeing, and cleanliness to manufacturing and consumption.
Apparels Course
Students gain a deep understanding of the apparel industry as a whole. Studies cover multiple fields of fashion industry and provides knowledge and technique for planning, manufacturing and marketing in the fashion industry.
Life Design Course
This course focuses on relationships between “humans” and the “space and equipment” which enrich human life such as furniture, daily necessities, and cafés. As a practical skill, students are trained for giving presentations, planning, and designing.
Environmental Design Course
Students study how to design environmental conditions for daily life, which covers interior environment such as lights, air conditioning system, and kitchens with human factor technology, as well as, exterior environment such as safe and comfortable urban designing.
Architectural Design Course
Students study various architecture designs based on residential houses with integrated aspects including art and engineering. Students will be able to suggest and design detailed plans which support a positive living space for people.
Urban Design Course
Students will master skills in attractive urban designing for the coming generations with a multifaceted perspective. Studies contain problem solving in urban settings, resource findings and analysis.

Academics & Research