School of LettersJapanese Language and Literature

Department Objective

The theme of the Department of Japanese Language and Literature is to “open the future through the power of language.” In order to refine language skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking to an advanced level, students study Japanese literature, one of the cultural heritages of the language, through a comprehensive historical approach—from ancient times to the modern period. Students examine language, literature, and culture within a global context, and master the fundamental and specialized knowledge therein.

Likewise, through mastery of information, communication and technology(ICT)skills and the facility to communicate that is required by modern society, students will be able to successfully apply these to their workplaces. These comprehensive abilities will open up paths to employment opportunities. Furthermore, students will develop logical intellect to communicate with Japanese language professionals. “The power of language” supports all of these ends. Our aim is the development of students who will gain understanding and appreciation of the Japanese language and culture.

Three Features of the Department

Comprehensive and Multi-Directional Study
Japanese language, literature and culture studies are comprehensively and multi-directionally introduced in this program. Various aspects of the Japanese language provide academic value as the focus of in-depth study. Students are also able to develop the practical skills needed to become junior-high and high school Japanese language teachers through the intensive reading of literary works from all periods of history. Likewise, students can practice and appreciate traditional culture, such as calligraphy and performance arts, and furthermore, they can acquire practical techniques to communicate these important aspects of Japanese language to others.
Diverse Educational Experience
From the third year, students are divided into small-group seminars to conduct specialized research. Students choose practicums according to their interests and engage in the practical study of diverse areas, such as Japanese literature, language, linguistics, calligraphy, Japanese language education in secondary school, Japanese education for speakers of other languages, expression, and communication.
Linking Studies to Career Support
We support students in their career preparation over the four-year period by recommending exams for qualifications related to their focus. Such preparations include instruction in IT skills such as Microsoft Office, and training in handling business documents together with the required qualifying exams. In addition, we offer general aptitude tests, interview preparation, and career counseling that is tailor-designed for individual students.

Academics & Research