School of MusicPerforming Arts

Department Objective

The Department of Performing Arts specializes in voice, piano, and orchestra(violin, viola, violoncello, flute, oboe clarinet, fagotto, saxophone, horn, trumpet, and trombone)training. By providing individual lessons and small group classes, we aim to improve students' knowledge of music and provide them with the opportunity to develop their musical abilities and performance skills. Moreover, we train students to become future teachers and educators in the field of music.

Our objective is to cultivate a rich understanding of the arts in students, enabling them to become performers and educators in society. In addition to performing in concerts and attending overseas training, our students are encouraged to gain a global perspective in music as they are also provided with opportunities to learn from visiting professors from overseas.

Three Features of the Department

We have a curriculum designed to improve students' basic musical competencies, provide extensive education, and instill in them a higher knowledge of the arts. All lessons are one-on-one and are taught with a practical approach to learning. We offer master classes and special lessons conducted by Japanese and international performers and organize various concerts featuring our students.

We are equipped with excellent music studios to help students acquire practical skills in music. Piano students receive lessons on high-quality Steinway pianos. We have 40 practice rooms for students, with over 30 of them equipped with grand pianos. Practice rooms are always available for students between 8 a.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Through an exchange program with Ball State University in the United States, each year, one of our students travels there to perform in concerts and strengthen our relationship with the local students and teachers. We also conduct training in Italy providing an opportunity for many students to experience the international stage of the performing arts.

Academics & Research