School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical SciencesPharmacy

Department Objective

The Department of Pharmacy offers a six-year pharmacy degree with the goal of obtaining the Japanese pharmacist's license. We aim for our students to acquire a broad education with sufficient specialized pharmaceutical knowledge in order to attain the ethical perspective and practical abilities of medical professionals. With the goal of protecting health and life as a priority, we provide an education that enables students to master the skills essential to a pharmacist through our unique curriculum based on a core curriculum of modern pharmacy education. With a focus on medicine and pharmacy, we strive to produce future pharmacists who possess advanced clinical and practical skills in a wide range of areas and are capable of playing an active role as pharmacy specialists with a sense of vocation in all kinds of scenarios, including medical institutions, such as hospitals and pharmacies.

Three Features of the Department

Upon admission to the university, we provide well-rounded preliminary courses taught by academic staff from the Center for the Promotion of Pharmacy Education, so that students can successfully begin studies within the Department of Pharmacy. Student services include offering advice about study methods so that students can establish their own study habits independently.

Within specialized courses, we provide an education that enables students to acquire knowledge, skills, and a practical perspective about pharmaceutical issues. In other words, we offer an education that enables students to handle the stress of clinical scenarios and acquire the knowledge and ethical understanding as medical professionals. In addition, we strive to provide a global education as we seek to foster international awareness through short-term studies overseas in the United States and China.

In the fifth year, students practice clinical scenarios through long-term work experience practicums in hospitals and pharmacies, and in the sixth year, they conduct graduate research in laboratories. In addition, we have in place an education system to consolidate and check students' knowledge through general practicums and advanced subjects, and to guide them toward qualification in the National Examination for Pharmacists.

Academics & Research