School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical SciencesHealth and Bio-pharmaceutical Sciences

Department Objective

In the Department of Health & Bio-pharmaceutical Sciences, we aim to train our students to excel and contribute to society in diverse areas related to pharmacy and health, such as medical research institutes, the industrial sector, and environmental health administration. This is undertaken through an education in pharmaceutical sciences with an emphasis on bio-science, health science, and medical science. To achieve these objectives, we have prepared three study course models and a science teacher-training program within the three divisions of medicinal chemistry, medical pharmacy, and health pharmacy. From these disciplines, students can choose according to their individual characteristics and interests.

In the first and second year, students study foundational subjects that cultivate their basic skills, and from the third year, special attention is given to conducting graduation research through lectures and laboratory experiments in order to sharpen students' intellectual and applied pharmaceutical skills. At our university, which boasts more than half a century of tradition and educational experience, students take subjects related to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and health foods. Through clinical trials, students acquire the skills needed to play an active part in society as experts in fields related to health.

Three Features of the Department

Specialized and Flexible Study Courses
We offer three study course models: Clinical Research Course, Functional Food Research Course, and Cosmetic Research Course, to train students in medical knowledge and skills. Each of the three study course models within the three divisions is comprised of 20 specialized elective subjects. Students are encouraged to add additional subjects to the courses in which they are most interested. Students are also able to choose subjects independently and create their own tailormade course. Please see the department brochure(in Japanese) and visit our web site for details (in Japanese and/or English).
Fostering an Inquiring Mind
Research begins with curiosity. To trigger curiosity, first-year students are placed in small class practicums of 40 students and given the opportunity to use equipment and instruments appropriate to the area of study. At the beginning of the third year, students start work on their graduation thesis and receive intensive and practical training from 11 staff members using cutting-edge technology.
Overseas Education Plan to Foster a Flexible and Broad Perspective
We offer a program at our beautiful United States branch campus(Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute)in Washington State. In addition, students may also opt to participate in overseas training in China, at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. These overseas experiences foster international awareness and train students to comprehend new methods of medical breakthroughs.

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