Koshien Hall
History of Koshien Hall

Outline of history

Koshien Hall was completed as the Koshien Hotel in 1930. Subsequently, it was used as a navy hospital and accommodations for US military officers. In 1965, the Koshien Hall was transferred to Mukogawa Gakuin and renovated as an educational facility.
People talked of “the Imperial Hotel* in the east, the Koshien Hotel in the west”. The Koshien Hotel was popular as a location for social interaction among the elite of the Hanshinkan region, the area between Osaka and Kobe. (*Part of the buildings is preserved at Meiji-Mura museum.)
Now that the Koshien Hall has become our university campus, it has been visited and utilized by many students and participants in our open university programs, as well as guests for various purposes.
Since April 2006, the Koshien Hall has also been used as a campus for the newly established faculties of (1) the Department of Architecture, School of Human Environmental Sciences, and (2) Architecture Major, the Graduate School of Human Environmental Sciences.