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Department Objective

Our department's objective is to help women to design their careers in a “resilient” manner for Japanese business communities. Lots of Japanese women choose to go into business fields, but women in Japan have to overcome, for example, the career gap problem due to maternity and child-care leave. In order to overcome that gap, women must possess some kind of expertise or specialty, which can be leveraged after the career gap. To nurture such expertise or specialty, women must make quick-start in their early days of their careers. To do so, women need to have good knowledge of businesses and management before they go into business fields.

This is in contrast to Japanese men who are expected to develop slowly under the Japanese life-time employment environment. Women must develop practical business skills more quickly than their male counterparts, if they want to develop long-term careers. That is why the Department of Business Administration was established within Mukogawa Women's University.

Three Features of the Department

We offer three concentrations, Management Design Studies, Global Management Studies, and Public Management Studies. These are not “courses” which students belong to, but learning models. Management Design Studies comprises general business subjects, e.g., marketing, accounting, strategy, etc. Global Management Studies includes advanced English classes and business education classes taught in English at our US branch campus, MFWI, for four months. Public Management Studies includes various subjects which are useful in preparation for local governments' civil servant examinations.

We offer three kinds of practical learning programs, Internship, Service Learning, and Field Study. Internship is a program to participate in companies and public organizations to gain actual work experience. Service Learning is a program to participate in volunteer and social welfare activities. Field Study is a program to independently plan and conduct research on business topics. Each program offers one credit if students spend 45 hours on the subject under supervision of faculty members.

We have a new school building which is designed for open and collaborative learning experiences. Not only students but also business persons from outside, e.g., partner companies on joint research projects, can easily have discussions in a collaborative and open environment. We also have a laboratory space, where students can make prototype products using 3D printers and other devices.

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