School of LettersPsychology and Social Welfare

Department Objective

In order to understand and support the mind and society, we train students in the academic disciplines of psychology and social welfare, refining specialist abilities within these two programs, heighten practical skills in interpersonal relationships and offer training in interpersonal support.

In the psychology program, students empirically and clinically define the significance of human behavior and its underlying psychological mechanisms and take the necessary subjects to earn the qualification as a Japanese Psychological Association Certified Psychologist. We also have required undergraduate courses for students taking the examination for becoming a Nationally Certified Psychologist.

In the social welfare program, students are able to acquire the qualifications necessary to take the examinations for Nationally Certified Social Workers and Psychiatric Social Workers. We emphasize practical education in the field and train social workers capable of coping with the aging society.

Three Features of the Department

The Study of Knowledge and Skills for Interpersonal Support
Students study essential psychology and social welfare courses with the aim of developing good interpersonal relationships and self-expression, as well as the knowledge and skills in information utilization and recreation required by both courses. We seek to cultivate students who contribute in positive ways as members of society.
The Comprehensive Study of Theory and Practice Related to the Mind and Society
We equip students with the scientific knowledge and skills needed to clarify the various problems and living challenges of modern society. To achieve this, courses are divided into two streams from the second year; students study the subjects common to both programs in a comprehensive way.
The Heightening of Specialization
In the second term of the first year, students deepen their knowledge by opting to take either the Psychology Program, which trains experts on the mind, or the Social Welfare Program, which trains social workers. We train students to have a comprehensive understanding — welfare service workers with knowledge of psychology, and counselors with understanding of social welfare studies.

Academics & Research