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Department Objective

In the Department of Nursing we purpose to train students to view patients as individuals with their own lives rather than merely sick people, to respect each patient's way of life and values, and to approach patient's health issues from multiple care options. Our curriculum is composed of lectures, clinical lab skills, seminars, and clinical practicums—all contributing to students' understanding of the theoretical, conceptual and ethical issues in nursing and health care.

Through these studies, students will develop knowledge and skills to provide evidence-based nursing care. In addition, patient-simulators allow students to practice real-life situations in the skill laboratories. Using these experiences, we encourage students' self-directed learning and increase their aspirations. Students are also able to further their knowledge by choosing liberal arts subjects that are offered by MWU.

Three Features of the Department

Comprehensive Nursing Program
Completing the bachelor's program allows graduates the eligibility to take the national nursing examination to be licensed as a registered nurse(RN). To complete the program and pass the examination, students are required to have a high level of Japanese proficiency, enough to learn and understand medical terminology. With an RN license, graduates are able to work at medical institutions or health and welfare facilities.
Various Educational Options
In the Graduate School of Nursing, we offer two options for a master's degree in nursing. In the public health nursing track, students will earn a master's degree and become eligible to take the national examination to be licensed as a public health nurse. In the other track, students develop knowledge and skills to conduct research. Graduates are able to apply for doctoral programs to continue research that advances nursing knowledge. To apply for our graduate programs, applicants are required to have a Japanese registered nursing license.
Excellent Faculty and Student Support
All of our faculty members are experienced educators, practitioners, and researchers. A dedicated team of professors and staff provides consistency in the entirety of the curriculum, from lectures to clinical practicums. Our department offers a faculty-based academic advising system to support students' educational and career success and help them deal with personal concerns.

Academics & Research