School of Food Sciences and NutritionFood Sciences and Nutrition

Department Objective

In the Department of Food Sciences and Nutrition, our aim is to train students to become Registered Dietitians—students who have acquired advanced education in food science, nutrition and health, and the requisite research skills and ability to respond to the nutritional needs of people in the 21st century. We seek to cultivate in students the knowledge and skills necessary to provide instruction on dietary habits that are effective in the prevention of lifestyle diseases and the maintenance of public health at all stages of life, while also contributing to the fields of medicine, school health education, public nutrition, welfare and business.

Three Features of the Department

Smooth Transitions through Curriculum
Correct understanding of the fundamentals is critical to mastering the specialized knowledge necessary to becoming a Registered Dietitian. We provide preparatory classes that lead students through a smooth transition into the essential core subjects, as well as advanced courses that further prepare students for a career in this field.
Educational Environment at the Highest Level
In training to be a Registered Dietitian, students learn through experimentation and practicums. Our department has experimental lab equipment and practical facilities that are at the highest national level, and students can deepen the knowledge they acquire in lectures through actual experience. Experts from a broad range of fields feature among our faculty and offer their expertise throughout the course of study.
National Certification Practice and Post-Graduation Career Path
The Registered Dietitian certification is a nationally recognized qualification equal to that of a doctor or pharmacist. We provide comprehensive support, such as special lectures and mock exams to ensure practical competence of our students. This has consequently led to a high success rate of students' passing the National Examination. In the four elective areas that may be considered for the post-graduation career path, we provide a strong support system to students in their career choices.

Academics & Research